Because we provide the best selected safari options in Uganda with lowest cost. our safaris take you unique destinations such as Lake Bunyonyi which is also known as the Switzerland of Africa because of its unique weather conditions, Bwindi home of the rare mountain Gorillas, Queen Elizabeth a host of rare tree climbing lions, murchsion falls and kibale Forest home of endagered Chimpanzees our closest cousins. Below are the safari options we provide so choose from and request a quote now.


Uganda Wildlife Safaris


Explore Wildlife in Uganda and experience Africa's Big 5 animals. Enjoy activities like game drives, gorilla tracking, chimpazee trekking, mount hiking, forest walks and boat cruise which takes you to the bottom of Murchison Falls and here you will find the highest concetration wild animals such as Hippos, crocodiles, baboons, elephants, beautiful water birds are sighted and water bucks as well.... Read More

Uganda Tour Destinations


10 Uganda National parks to explore, these branded Uganda along with the country's beautiful climate as "Pearl of Africa", Meet rare animal species like Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, Africa's big five in africa's largest Savannah grasslands. Mountain Gorillas are the world's most endangered species. The country's parks are rich with bio-diversity of wildlife to enjoy on your Uganda Safari Holiday.... Read More

Uganda Mountain Gorillas & Primates


It’s amazing to sit in the forest among the gorillas, listening to them marvel and grumble to each other. It is an extraordinary feeling being with these beautiful creatures left. Read More

Uganda Bird watching Tours


Our bird watching tour experience focus majorly on  Birding Key Species such as Shoebill Stork, Orange Weaver, Northern Brown-throated Weaver, Papyrus Gonolek, Lesser Jacana, Casin's Hawk-Eagle, Nahan's Read More