What adds magic to Rwanda, is it’s rich culture and million smiles. There are so many tour  sites that visitors can experience to get a glimpse of the way of living of the Rwandese, visitors also get a chance to learn, and take part in the different cultural activities like traditional dances, dress code, local meals, local practices like traditional healing methods among many more.

Highlights of Rwanda’s Traditions and Culture

Visit Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village
This is the best place that gives tourists a comprehensive insight of the various customs and norms. The cultural village shows traditional ways of living, dress code, traditional meals, traditional performances mainly dances and songs, traditional healing methods, and many more. Visitors allowed to participate in different activities for an experience of the culture, like lighting fire locally, visiting traditional healers and even go to the field with them to show you different herbs that cure what diseases, participate in the Intore dance and songs, making local meals, like grinding millet, making banana beer, making local yoghurt and many more. You also get a chance to visit to the kings house replica, see the Batwa shooting arrows.

Rwanda Culutral tours

Visit The King’s Palace in Nyanza
This is a palace for the former king ‘Mwami’ which has been reconstruction into the original state as it was in the 19th century. The palace is a dome like traditional structure comparable to that of the Buganda kingdom in Uganda. This palace was the center point of power of the then feudal monarchy.

Visit the National Museum
A visit to the museum exposes visitors to the rich history of the the country and displays a range of traditional art crafts and objects, monochrome pictures, ethnographic collections, crafts and tools used by the ancient people. The museum has good information on the foundation of the Rwandese culture. Its also a good place get finest handicrafts, basketry and ceramics. The Museum is located in Buture about 3 hours drive from Kigali, this was a colonial town and it the intellectual center of the country.

intore cultural dance

Intore Dance
This is one the best traditional dances in East Africa. The dance was named after the Intore who were a learned army of the monarchy trained to jump and dance, when this pleased the King, the dance was maintained and turned out to be the main traditional dance for the Rwandese people. To watch this powerful dance, visit the National Museum in Butare where performances are conducted by special dance troupe. The dance can be organized on short notice.

Visit Genocide Sites
Rwanda has been through a terrible moment of the genocide of 1994, there are many memorial sites across the country the most outstanding being the ones in Kigali and Murambi. At these sites you guides give narrations of what happened during the genocide.

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