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  • Select Safaris Africa offers the finest cheap Uganda Gorillas and Rwanda Gorilla Safaris be it tailor made or pre-booked itineraries. View our exciting tours online and book your dream African holiday. Start your adventure travel, meet the Mountain Gorillas in the wild meet new people, enjoy the finer things in life, then you should book through us. We are the best at a low cost yet a finest in first class travel arrangements. Since we are a highly experienced wholesale tour operator, we can handle all of your travel needs. So don't hesitate to contact us now to arrange your next safari vacation, business or adventure trip to East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and D.R. Congo).

    Travel can teach you more than you could ever learn at even the finest of Universities. Memorizing names, dates and places will help you pass the exam, but will do little to broaden your horizons, and teach you about people and life. When you come in contact with inhabitants from foreign cultures you shed your subjective stereotypes and begin to view the world more objectively.... Read more

Primate Safaris & Tours


Our primates safari Itineraries are designed to take you to the finest ever primates destination parks in East African region. the region is a host to the dense remote rain forests that are habitants in Great Apes like Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzees. find troops of Olive Baboons, Golden monkeys and many more
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Gorilla Safari Adventures


Mountain Gorillas are shy Animals and their visit is undeniably the most amazing & enjoyable tour activity for any visitor on an African Safari. With roughly 900 Mountain Gorillas left in the world, your Visit to see these few world's remaining Endangered gentle giants of Africa in their jungles is an effort towards their conservation
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Bird watching Safari Packages

Shoe Bill

East Africa is a Bird Lover's and watcher's paradise, being located in the rift valley region attracts alot of birdlife including the migrant birds from Europe that settle in many area including Uganda's beautiful Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Check out our Itineraries

Wildlife Game Drive Safaris


Experience Africa's Big 5 Safaris with us in this biodiversity region of East Africa. Explore the west and eastern arm of great East african rift Valley that supports a huge habitant for variety of wildlife many of which are endemic to the region Check out our Itineraries

East Africa Cultural Safaris


East Africa is endowed with rich cultural values for you to explore, our cultural safaris will give a variety of options, In Rwanda visit Genocide memorial sites, experience the intore Dance (Dance of Worriors). The Batwa pygmy poeple of Uganda and Rwanda, Karamajong, Massai people of Kenya. Visit different african historical Kingdoms with thier regalias and burial tombs Check out our Itineraries

Combined Safari Packages


Our Combined safari Itineraries are carefuly designed according to the popular demand by many of our dear Cllients. they include double gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda as well as wildlife safaris, Gorilla trek and Massai mara migrations in Kenya, Gorillas and Great Serenget migration, Gorilla trek and Coastal beach hilidays, East African cultural Safaris among many. Check out our Itineraries

Car hire & Self-Drive services


Book a vehicle with Rent a Car in Uganda's website that offers the best self-drive services and is a leading independent car rental company based in Uganda and managed by Select Safaris Africa limited. We have different car rental locations in East Africa. This is a name that people all around the world know and trust. Click Here to book a Car or Self-drive hire

Special Interest Holidays

white waters

Special interest hilidays are always arranged to meet special needs of our dear clients, they include; White water rafting on a 7 km stretch, bungee Jumping at Jinja Nile resort on River Nile, Kayaking, Honey moon holidays of Ssesse Island beaches on Lake victoria and mountain Climbing Check out our Special interest Itineraries.....