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Uganda is a landlocked country located in East Africa, it's surrounded by five countries and these include Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. Its well known to be the pearl of Africa and because of this, it has been able to attract many visitors due to its wildlife, primates and the physical features. One may wonder how he or she may get to Uganda, below are some of the travel tips that will help you locate Uganda. Before you think about traveling get this in mind, when is the best time to travel, what safari clothes to wear, budget friendly accommodation and how to get there and move around the city.

Uganda has hospitable people that will welcome you and make you feel comfortable even if its your first time in country. For those who don't have any idea on how to get to Uganda, the best way to surf on the internet and get the best safari company that offer you a better guideline and what it involves to get to Uganda. Just in case you spot the destination you have always desired to visit, look for the cheapest air flight online or perhaps call up a travel agent who can help you get a better deal to Uganda.

Uganda Safari Attractions

Uganda is blessed with various National parks which you can visit at any time of the year. These include Bwindi Forest National Park famous for gorilla trekking in Uganda. Other national parks include Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and so much more. Besides the wildlife in the parks, there are more activities such as white water rafting on the Nile, Bungee Jumping.

Booking Your Safari to Uganda

There are quite a number of tour operators or travel agents in Uganda. We list only recognized Uganda Tour Operators who are experts in safaris and travel to Uganda. You can consult the same companies for your car hire or car rental in Kampala and around the country.

Getting There and Around

There are both international and regional flights to Uganda being offered by various airbuses including British Airways, Kenya Airways, Brussels and so much more. You can as well charter a flight but this can be damn expensive. Uganda has all means of transport although the most accessible is by bus, its cost effective and safe when it comes to traveling. Bus companies for instance Regional Coach, Link and Scandinavian Express and Akamba have strict departure time if travelers can't adhere to this, they are often left behind. The Min buses usually go for shorter journeys.Transport in Uganda has been improved with well maintained roads, speed governors as well as seat belts to ensure the safety of all passengers. The buses assemble in the new taxis park and some may be got along the public roads.The bus fares are fixed but cheaper to all the passengers. In the villages, there are motorcycles, bicycles, taxis for hire that can take you to your destination and remember to get small denominations of money to ease on transport. Ugandans are friendly people and are so willing to give directions when required. A visa to Uganda guide has also been put here.

Weather & Best Time to Travel

Uganda is famous for its beautiful equatorial climate. This is because of the great forests and water bodies that surround it to provide both wet and dry season.Its a lowland area with favorable temperatures that range from 26C during the day and close to 16C at night. The hottest months are from December to February. Uganda is an all round year for travel spots.

What to Wear

The temperatures in Uganda keep on changing as you can find day temperatures warm or cold. You are advised to carry lightweight clothes that will give you a peace of mind. Evenings are well known to be so cold because of the high altitudes thus sweaters should be part of the luggage. Those interested in Mountain climbing should pack favorably, items that suit the activity to be carried out. In case you are going for a forest walk, take solid shoes and strong clothes that will handle the harsh environment.

Where To Stay, Uganda Hotels and Accommodation

Uganda's accommodation is quite cheap and with better facilities to offer to its visitors. You are advised to reserve a hotel prior to you visit. This is to help us avoid the inconveniences that may come along the way. In case of a holiday in Uganda, you are recommended to book a lodge because it's not guarantee that you will find the safari lodges free even when it's not a peak season. Uganda is at all times visited by tourists therefore can your reservations in time.

Accessibility Of Hotels and Locations:

Once you are arranging for holidays or safari in Uganda, take time to discover the facilities the hotel is able to offer to its client online. The online Uganda Map may help you in relocating accommodation within the tourist destination.

Budget Accommodation
It's always vital to know how much money you are willing to spend on a safari and how much your accommodation will take up. The way to get a budge friendly accommodation is by checking out the room rates online or calling up the hotels to inquire how much they charge per night. All Uganda hotels are set to meet the standards of the first class hotels. Please take note, travelers are advised to make your bookings in advance and your safari.

Public Holidays

Below is the list of Uganda's public holidays that are officially noticed by all citizens: Liberation day(26 Jan),Women's Day (8 March),New Years' Day (1 Jan),Independence Day (9 Oct),Labor Day(1 May),Heroes Day(9 June),Martyrs Day(3June),World Aids Day (1 Dec),Boxing Day (26 Dec),Christmas Day (25 Dec),Human Rights' Day (10 Dec),Africa Day (25 May)

What are the interesting activities I can Do while in Uganda?

Tours and Adventures in Uganda

There are so many activities and adventures on a Uganda safari that it is difficult to stick to the details on your plan. Here are some of the top interesting tourist activities in Uganda that most tourists have come to love through the years.

Gorilla Trekking Safari

This ranks as the most important part of any Uganda safari itinerary. The once-in-a-lifetime experience takes you through the dense forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park on the slopes of the Rwenzori ranges in search of the gentle giants. Groups of 8 people launch every day into the forest canopy behind the lead of a trained and armed ranger! It is surely exciting and a challenge that may take you up to eight intense hours of trekking. Without mountain gorilla trekking expeditions, Uganda safaris are not same!

Chimpanzee tracking and the Primates of Uganda

Uganda's forests are home to an estimated 13 or more species of primates include the black & white colobus, red tailed monkeys, bush babies, olive baboons, gorillas and the habituated chimpanzees. Chimpanzee tracking is a fascination in Kibale Forest National park but there are also a few these primates in Semliki National Park and Ngamba island on Lake Victoria.

Wildlife safaris and National Parks in Uganda

There are more than 10 National parks and reserves in Uganda gifted with a wide range of flora and fauna. The most visited include Murchison Falls Park (which is the largest) and the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Take a game drive or a guided safari walk in the wilderness and encounter Uganda's best kept mammals like the tree climbing Lions, zebras, Uganda kob, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, Harte beest and many more. Unique safari experiences take you to Lake Mburo National park for a canoe ride for sights of Uganda's birds and animals visiting the vast lake.

Lake Bunyonyi tours

Lake Bunyonyi is found in South Western Uganda in the district of Kabale. It is Africa's second deepest lake dotted with a few islands that are historically important to the people in this area. The lake is named after the birds that nest on the lake's shore and surrounding swamps such as kingfishers, malachite eagles, sun birds, bee eaters, the rare shoebill stork and a few of the Albertine endemic species. Take a canoe ride to the island, nature walks around the lake or go swimming - Yes.the lake is Bilharzia free and good for swimming!

Bird watching safaris

If you are a nature enthusiast, then Uganda must have a special place in your heart. Over 3,000 species of birds are recorded to have nests in papyrus swamps, forests, lakeshores and national parks allover the country. Some of the best birding destinations like Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest park, Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth Park and also in the different cities. Kampala city also has a few swamps with notable species like the stork and sun birds among others.

Mountain Climbing

Hiking is not a popular sport In Uganda but you can be among the few tourists to reach some of the peaks of Uganda's skyline. The 'mountains of the moon' popularly known as the Rwenzori mountain offer great hiking experiences often challenging but worth when you reach the glaciated peak. Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano in Eastern Uganda is also good for hiking and at the same time discover some unique plant species that grow on the slopes of this fertile rock.

River Nile Adventures

It is the world's longest river with its source on Lake Victoria in south central Uganda. The river has a number of rapids and water falls on its course to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Bujagali falls is particularly good for kayaking and water rafting with class I, II and IV rapids while Bungee jumping is also done near the falls. You can continue pursuing the river to the spectacular Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile in the west and so on

Kampala City Tours

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and the busiest town in the country. It is Uganda's largest town and an important centre for business, industry, transport and administration. There are also many interesting things to note and tour about this friendly town such as the independence monument, Uganda Museum & art galleries, Makerere University, Kabaka's palace, the National theatre, Uganda Martyr's Shrine at Namugongo and the different religious centres around the capital.

Cultural tours and safaris

Uganda is home to many tribes and peoples who live in harmony. Almost every part of Uganda has a tribe that relates to it with a unique heritage and institution called a Kingdom. The most popular kingdom is Buganda in central Uganda with proper institutional structures headed by the Kabaka who is the king. Some of its significant tourist sights include Kasubi Royal tombs, the Kabaka's palace and lake in Mengo, Sezibwa falls and a host of cultural/spiritual sites dotted around the country. Other kingdoms worth visiting include Toro Kingdom Palace in Fort Portal and Busoga in Jinja among others.

Lake Victoria tours

Lake Victoria is Uganda's largest lake seen on landing at the Entebbe International Airport. Catch a ferry or hire a charter boat to the spectacular Ssese Islands for a treat of the best beaches in Uganda. Ngamba Island is also another island to visit on the lake, synonymous with the Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary. The best ways to relax on one of these islands is by taking nature walks, forest walks, go fishing or treat yourself to some of the best fish in Uganda's waters. It is the perfect place to relax after hectic safaris in Uganda before you take your departure flights. .