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The land of a thousand hills

The "land of a thousand hills," a direct translation from the French "Pays des Mille Collines," is an apt description for the verdant country of Rwanda. See why a visit to Rwanda is often a perspective-shifting experience of a life time.

From the volcanoes, beautiful rolling hills to the jungles housing a third of the world's remaining Mountain gorillas, to the largest rain forest in Africa, Rwanda has created a history of strict environmental conservation, a point in case is the ban on polythene bags entry into the country. There are thorough checking on all entry points. Many Americans may first associate the country with the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, but a visit is often an eye-opening experience as guests discover today's Rwanda, a peaceful land of friendly people who are highly optimistic about their country's future.

Mountain gorilla tracking being the leading tourist attraction and many visitors draw to this east African country mainly to meet these beautiful gentle giants, the culture is exceptional with the historical unique intore dance also known as "worrier dance" or "dance of the heroes". Visit Genocide memorial sites to learn about 1994 Rwandan genocide. Beyond the genocide, it's sometimes troubled past with colonization and occupation has shaped Rwanda in ways that continue to impact culture and language.