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Are you planning to make a movie or documentary about Mountain Gorillas?

Even though one can easily record their gorilla adventure using their camera, a television or filming crew needs much more to make a smart film shooting. Our team has provided excellent support to make complete your filming mission; get in touch with us to align your gorilla filming project.

Mountain Gorilla Movie and Documentation
Mountain gorillas are an endangered species with about 800 of these beautiful individuals are remaining in the whole world. Making proper records about gorillas is not only good for raising awareness but also promotes conservation activities to make the gorillas increase in number. Surely there are some requirements to shoot a film about mountain gorillas however these do not apply to personal filming activities.

Gorilla Trekking permits for filming
All the film crew members are required to have a gorilla trekking permit to be able to carry out the activity of filming the gorillas. Gorilla permits usually sell-out in advance about 4 months to time; you should always secure your gorilla permit early enough. For details about gorilla permit availability in Uganda or Rwanda, please feel free to email us info@selectsafarisafrica.com

About Gorilla Filming Fees
Filming and Photography of mountain Gorillas is charged USD $1000 per day. The prices change so much; it is good you contact us early enough so we can give accurate pricing information. You get back part of your money when deliver a copy of your film to the Uganda wildlife Authority.

Media Cards
To be allowed to carry out the activity you need to get identification cards from the Uganda media centre in order to film or photograph gorillas as a foreign non-resident journalist. Your passport details are needed and the most recent passport photos and we shall help you process the media cards on your behalf. The Uganda media centre is an efficient institution - processing the cards does not take long to get done.

Import/ Customs clearing
About your filming / photography kit needs to be cleared at any point of your entry to Uganda. We shall require you to send us details of the equipment in your kit and its vale so we can get accurate costs of how much you will need to spend at clearing. We shall link you with a trusted clearing and forwarding agent here so your equipment is cleared swiftly upon arrival in Uganda. Our team also helps you organize transport, accommodation and any other logistical support you may need through your project. For more information, please contact us!